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Welcome at Roemaat coldstore

Roemaat coldstore is a logistic service provider specialised in freezing, plate freezing, packaging, storage, and tempering of food products. We have proven ourselves as a reliable partner with a sharp focus on product quality and food safety. We have been approved for several export registrations and we are certified for processing and storage of different types of food products, with NL-505-EG as a solid registration number in the global market.


  • Shock freezing
  • Packaging
  • Plate freezing
  • Stock management
  • Tempering

Shock Freezing

Roemaat coldstore has four shock freezers with a combined capacity of 160 tons per 24 hours. Very low temperatures are combined with high wind speeds, during which products are frozen completely in a short timespan.


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Roemaat coldstore is specialised in packaging meat products. We utilize modern packaging lines that accomodate a range of diverse packages. Examples are shrink wrapping, 5-20 kg boxes, E2 boxes, as well as custom packages for special destinations. If you have additional requests, please contact us for a bespoke proposal.




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Plate freezing

Plate freezing is a form of freezing that preserves the properties of your product in an optimal way. In less than 3 hours time, meat is frozen to -18° C in the form of perfectly stackable blocks. This results in compact pallets which are very suitable for further processing. Roemaat coldstore has over 40 years experience in plate freezing meat products. We have been utilizing a completely new plate freezing facility since the end of 2014, with a capacity of freezing 60 tons of meat per day.

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Stock management

Stocks are registered using an automatic stock management system. The inbound- and outbound flow of goods is registered on a daily basis. Each week, we generate a stock overview report, with a specification of in- and outbound flow quantities, for your verification. Our office is able to arrange customs formalities as well as export certifications for products to foreign destinations.

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Roemaat coldstore uses reliable systems for tempering and defrosting beef- and pork meat. Our operating capacity is 100 tons of product per 24 hours, in multiple temperature ranges.

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